Rare.Market works with artists of integrity who are creating meaningful and beautiful art.

Not all compositions are equal. Not all art has the same level of intention and concept...and value appropriate to that intention and concept. We are not "the art police" but we are interested in building a safe haven for artists and buyers, where the art is meaningful and the value is rational and related to that meaning.

Therefore, our mission is to return value and power back to artists while allowing them to maximize profit. Rare.Market is a marketplace to enable that mission.

We do this by highly curating all works of art that come to our auction house.

Once the works are fully vetted and accepted, we facilitate the listing and simultaneous sale of physical artwork with its high resolution digital scan.

We use Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to track and validate the authenticity of the digital scan, and in doing so provide another channel for artists to distribute their work.

We are a new, different kind of auction company powered by a digital marketing agency and this approach—complete with our creative, technical, and marketing capabilities—ensures that we will get works of art noticed and sold.

We aim to make sure our artists can stay focused on the art they create, while we take care of the technical parts for them to make sure they can transact in new ways and new digital channels.

If you would like to be considered for representation please send us an email tell us a little bit about yourself and work. Include any links you might have.