If you are new to purchasing art via crypto currency here is a guide to getting started:

  • Set up a crypto currency wallet. We recommend MetaMask (
  • Add crypto currency to your wallet.
  • Connect your wallet to Rare.Market
  • Bid away!
  • After purchasing, the shipment of the physical artwork will be coordinated via email. The NFT for the digital version of the art will be written to the blockchain and the digital asset can be stored on Rare.Market's servers or transferred to to the location of the buyer's choice.


If you are interested in submitting work to Rare.Market please send an email to [email protected] to begin the conversation.

A few guidelines for submissions:

  • For auctions, works typically should be a single or limited edition work.
  • For collections, limited editions are best.
  • It is best if the work has limited or no previous distribution on any platform physically or digitally (e.g. new original works).
  • Artist should submit a high resolution digital image (600 DPI or more) along with the physical artwork.
  • verifies existence and catalogs the work on the blockchain.
  • Sale via auction where only a sample of work is shown.
  • Artist can transfer copyright and all commercial rights to work for higher reserves or maintain copyright and commercial rights for lower reserves.
  • Rare.Market takes a percentage of the sale.
  • Artist maintains a 10% royalty of all future sales of work made after Aug 1, 2021

If you would like to be considered for representation please send us an email tell us a little bit about yourself and work. Include any links you might have.